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Herberge Ascharina is situated at about 1200 meter in the valley off St Antönien, a pleasant hamlet in the Kanton Graubünden, in the east of Switzerland. The famous Mountain sport towns of Klosters and Davos are nearby.
By train, coming via Zürich -Landquart - Küblis, you can travel to the beginning of the St Antönien valley. Leave the train at Küblis station. Here you can take the bus up to St Antönien. After the village of Pany it's another five kilometers. Step out as soon as the bus crosses the stream. Take the small road on the right up to our chalet. Too late for the bus? Give us a call, we can pick you up from the station in Küblis.
If you come by car from the highway A-13 (Basel-Zürich-Chur), take the exit Landquart / Davos. Follow direction Davos. In the village of Küblis go left to Pany / St Antönien. After passing through Pany the road flattens out and after a couple of miles it crosses the stream. Here you'll see our sign in the curve of the road pointing to our chalet. Follow the path up to the right. Our place is the one a hundred meter further on the left hand side.

Please keep in mind that in Switzerland in the winter snow chains should be in your car and snow tires are required.

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Herberge Ascharina
Haldastrasse 1
7245 Ascharina, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 (0)81 4162839
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Internet: www.herbergeascharina.ch

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